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This page was created because there was a lot of skins clogging up the mods page,Here is the place you can make and show off your skins to the public.

Commission Skin By YANDERETSHUKI

Hi c: you can edit and use, but no say that you made they

Oka Ruto Blazer Skin - Lana Rose

Um. Hi. t-this is. my skin. about t-the blazer..of oka. r-ruto. I hop-pe you l-like. it.

If..y-you want. to.summon..a..d-demond..h-here i-is the l-link.  :

(don't worry this skin is very fast to download,i don't stole any skin and colour)

Nutella Girl Skin - Lana Rose

Hi!! i made a skins about the pretty nutella! *-* i really really love nuttela ifyou love nutella is you'r skin!

(don't worry this skin is very fast to download)

KuuDere Skin by girlthatatemozart

You can use this skin to look like KuuDere.

Senpai Swimsuit by Pumpkinhero2

I think this came out great in my opinion. Hope you like it!

Note: I made this a long time ago before I joined the wiki. :P

Pink Streak(with mod) by Alex Ocreator

Are you tired of playing as boring old Yan Chan then this is for you.Now you can play as the brand new delinquent in town Pink Streak!Wait whats that,you want your Delinquent Simulator to be even more immersive well luckily for you I made a mod as well!(the mod is simple and not a projection of my best work)The mod changes Saki and Kokona into the Saikou twins Sakura and Megami,changes Senpai into Triangle Pompodaur and changes the Basu's into Pink's best friends Osoro Shidesu and Teal Streak!

Link to Download:

Although I do think would people play a full on mod about Pink,What do you think:http://poal.me/glrgh8

Rival Chan Skin Pack by Alex Ocreator

This pack add's a custom uniform,hair,gym,swimsuit and face to make the Player look like Rival Chan.I gave Rival Chan Osana-ish stockings so that there would be a uniform texture.Feel Free to use Rival Chan's hair as well as the one provided.Also this pack may be taken down because after I post my rivals skin pack I might make a test rivals Skin Pack!

Blue Skin by TheMagicalDino

Black sailorfuku by TheMagicalDino

No Color Skin by Pumpkinhero2

It took me 5 minutes or so to make and I quite like it. It works well with the Hatred hair.

Sakura Skin by LucyDreemurr

A skin that makes it looks like Yandere Simulator got a new model for Yan-chan instead of the Aoi Model. And comes with cute uniforms! :D

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