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martedì 24 marzo 2015

Sims 4 \ Sims 3 MMD Twerk BIB

Cancellate qualsiasi mod (come il mio Just Dance)che cambia questa animazione altrimenti non funziona per ora

CONCEPTDESIGN97 Explicit Songs & Lyrics

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I was surprised by the dance and music but it's very good in the game and I liked ;)

Here is a video on it : http://youtu.be/4uIHxxGaDQA

Yes this is Explicit music. you can changhe ths music if you want but the animation is funny.

I tried the animation and made a video in a sims 3 version, i hope you will like it. The link is here :

Yes I like it! Thanks.

Your welcome ! Is it just me or the breasts of my sims moves in 0.32-0.33, I just realized. if that's the case, I say yeah !

Yes. xD I add "soft" animated breast and also the bottom.

I did some experiments but were too exaggerated..lol

how do you need to download and how to get it in Your D map

Я скачала этот мод у меня он не работает где найти действие?

Can you make this available for the sims 3?

For Sims 3 ? Ok but I need some time ;)

I will patiently wait. Thank you! ♥

est ce que il y aura cette animation en sims 3 ?

super merci beaucoup ! you are the best !

Thanks. Sims 3 Twerk is ready ;)

Thank you soooo much . :D

how to use this

Download and Extract Sims 3 or Sims 4 files in your mod Folder

For Sims4 choose dance in the radio

Hi . How do i get the mod to work then. I NEED help please

You need to download the animation player find it then place it anywhere click on the animation player and type the twerk code (you should have already downloaded the twerk mod and have placed it in your mods folder) it will ask you to give it a name click on the check button next press the animation player and click play or if you want it played over again press play looped

helppp the mod doesnt work in my game .. everytime i download it it doesnt come as a zipped file so when i put it into my game it doesnt show up .. i dont kno what else to do and i really want this

I can't get the Sims 4 twerk mod to work. What should I do?

haha best thing everr :D ! <3 thank you, amazing job :D

ребят помогите не как не могу установить мод на комп

Se trata de Google Translate , lo siento si me sale algo mal . Tengo la versión más reciente de Los Sims 4 y no puedo hacer el trabajo mod . Mi sim baila sin twerking . Tengo dos paquetes de expansión TS4 y el disco de accesorios donde se le da un tiki bar en llamas . ¿Ayuda?

I have the newest version of The Sims 4 and I can't make the mod work. My sim dances without twerking. I have both TS4 Expansion Packs and the stuff pack where it gives you a flaming tiki bar. Help?

I can't download it on mac!? It does not appear as a package file and the zip file does not appear either, help!!

At the startup, it doesnt say it's a mod.

How do I get the mod to stop working in game? I removed it, but when I click Dance on the radio in TS4 my Sim was still twerking.

why do my sims in the sims 4 won't twerk? i tried so many times but she/he won't twerk ;W;

I have a Mac and it doesnt work at all

It doesn't work anymore.

i have the sims 4 but the mod isn't working. I've watched tons of videos but it still didn't work. I later read all the comments and it still didn't work. Is there any way you way write instructions? It would be much easier to follow.

I have the Sims 4 on a mac. They sorta (very little of the time, like rarely) do some of the dancing. Am I doing something wrong? Is it not compatible?

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